Thursday, April 11, 2013

Turkey ( Side )

The Caravanning season is fast approaching and quite a few trips booked already which include the usual couple of trips to France.

The really bad summer followed by an even worse winter gave way to the winter blues, so we decided to take our first All Inclusive package holiday with Thomas Cook, to Side, Turkey, but the god of crap weather was still going to make himself known and wasn’t going to let us get away with out a fight. Went to bed on a cold clear night and woke up at 5am to travel to the airport, looked out of the window to a total white out ! Nearly a foot of snow in 4 hoursP1060697. The snow was still coming down and the god of crap weather threw in a cold high wind just to keep us on our toes.

Arrived at the airport in good time for our 9am flight, why we thought it would be taking off I don't know, must have been the holiday mood we were in that was clouding our minds ! Went to departures, gate was called, all stood there thinking we were about to board, rep arrived and said plane was at Manchester airport because it couldn’t land at East Midlands “Last Night” ! because of the snow. So knowing this, WHY did they check us in, take our baggage plus everything else this involves ?

We were told we had to go to Manchester and get the plane from there but before we did this we had to go through arrivals and collect our bags and pass though customs “ We hadn’t been anywhere” !!

Boarded coaches, travelled to Manchester and did it all again! So had checked out of the UK twice but had still not been anywhere. So this is what they call package holidays, now I know why we caravan.

The god of crap weather was beginning to win Sad smile

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