Sunday, June 30, 2013

Electric Bikes Are Fun

We decide to invest in a couple of electric bike’s last year, having seen and tested them out at the caravan show at the NEC.

Got to say, they are fun to ride and add to the enjoyment we get from caravanning in France and other places.

We bought them early last year and never really had the chance to use them properly up until this visit to France, but there was a reason for this which I may post about later.

Yes they are electric and if you really want to, you can just switch them onto full power and let the bike do the rest. But that's not how we use them, we still do the peddling and use them on assist for the return journey (plus steep inclines! why bust a gut when your out to enjoy yourself ) The joy of this, is that you can now ride for miles without worrying about the return journey because the bike will help you do this. Yes your right, it is cheating I suppose Winking smile but neither of us are getting any younger.


I thought I had taken pictures of both of us on the bikes, but obviously not !

So here is Lesley on hers

We opted to buy Batribikes as they are folding bikes also. Both fold down and fit in the back of the Skoda Octavia with room to spare. Battery life is about 25miles but if your using them purely for assisted riding then you can get more out of them.

Lesley uses the Breeze – I use the Quartz. Give um a try they really are fun.



One of the local villages we visited on the bikes, taken just after we had left the bar on the right hand side of picture. Drunk in charge of a bike ! let um try Smile


Lesley said...

loved using the bikes they are wiked love Lesley x

Rushd Lady said...

Now that looks like fun, except I might fall off of the thing. Thanks for stopping by and saying howdy at my craft blog.