Friday, March 27, 2015

Ticks all the boxes as a Caravanning App.

Having tried quite a few Camping apps (iOS ) I have narrowed down the apps on my phone and iPad to a few tried and trusted.
But the one app that stands head and shoulders above the rest and little known in the UK at the present is Wikicamps.
I have used Wikicamps in Australia, were it originates from and if you take a look at the Aussie version you will see how well it works as an information and interactive campsite app.

The UK version has all the same features but is lacking in user information mainly because it is little known over here in the UK. 
Here are some of the features :-

1. Each site has loads of information including their address, phone number, website and even their individual features like toilets, showers, pet rules, etc
2. Users can also add comments, photos and prices to each site so you can check out real world reviews and photos by real people.

3. Get directions and navigate to sites within seconds by tapping the navigate button straight from the map or site page.

4. Add sites to your list of favourites to plan trips or just as you go so you'll never forget a great spot.

5. WikiCamps also comes with a very handy camping checklist so you'll never leave anything behind.

6. You can also chat with other travellers via our interactive chat forum.

Try it, the more UK caravanners that use this, the better it will become.

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Lesley said...

well done Joe - we like to use this app to get the best from our caravaning x